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hi!! im mio
he/him, ey/em, pog/poggers, dino/dinos, bro/bros

this is a hyperfixation blog, ill be reblogging and occationally talking about stuff im hyperfocusing on or have hyperfocused on!1-5 posts per day depending on how full the queue is
dont expect consistency in content!!

every hyperfixation and comfort character will be tagged!

animal crossing-ac (link)-
animation-animation (link)-
assassins creed-assass (link)-
beanie babies-beanie babies (link)-
bluey (show)-bluey (link)-
breaking bad / better call saul-breaking bad (link)-
bugsnax-bugsnax (link)-
carebears-carebears (link)-
COIN (band)-coin (link)-
death note-dn (link)-
dinosaur king-dsk (link)-
hannibal-hannibal (link)-
hermitcraft (minecraft)-hermitcraft (link) 
how to train your dragon-httyd (link)-
hundeparken-hp (link) 
into the spiderverse-spiderverse (link)-
lilo and stitch-stitch (link)-
minecraft-mc (link)-
musicals-musicals (link)-
my little pony-mlp (link)-
over the hedge-oth (link)-
owl city (artist)-owl city (link)-
pathologic-patho (link)-
petz dogz/catz 2-dogz 2 (link)-
pokemon-pokemon (link)-
pokemon mystery dungeon-pmd (link)-
porter robinson (artist)-porter (link)-
red dead redemption-rdr (link)-
shinies (pokemon)-shinies (link)-
sky: children of the light-sky (link)-
sly cooper-sly cooper (link)-
social chatting games-chat games (link)-
softies (comic)-softies (link)-
speedrunning-speedrunning (link) 
splatoon-splatoon (link)-
stardew valley-stardew (link)-
the town of nowhere-tton (link)-
the walking dead (+ game)-twd (link)-
triceratops-triceratops (link)-
undertale + deltarune-ut (link)-

hyperfixations that has more or less faded. does not include hyperfixations that go dormant and come back, or hyperfixations i still have attachments to (like a friend likes it or it makes me nostalgic etc)these are listed here for archive purposes!

Faded fixationTag 
among us-among us (link) 
kipo and the age of wonderbeasts-kataow (link)-
squid game-sg (link)-

comfort characters

addison (beanie baby)-minecraft (link)-
arthur (rdr2)-arthur (link)-
bunger (bugsnax)-bunger (link)-
celebi (pokemon)-celebi (link)-
chandlo funkbun (bugsnax)-chandlo (link)-
clementine (twdg)-clem (link)-
flora (ac)-flora (link)-
fluttershy (mlp)-flutters (link)-
fuchsia (ac)-fuchsia (link)-
glenn (twd/g)-glenn (link)-
gramble gigglefunny (bugsnax)-gramble (link)-
groudon (pokemon)-groudon (link)-
heeler family (bluey)-heelers (link)-
hiccup (httyd)-hiccup (link)-
hollyhock (bojack horseman)-hollyhock (link)-
jesse pinkman (breaking bad)-jesse (link)-
jevil (deltarune)-jevil (link)-
kim wexler (better call saul)-kim (link)-
latios/latias (pokemon)-[email protected] (link)-
miles morales (spiderverse)-miles (link)-
no where (the town of nowhere)-no (link)-
noah (the town of nowhere)-noah (link)-
raichu (pokemon)-raichu (link)-
rainbow dash (mlp)-dashie (link)-
RJ (over the hedge)-RJ (link)-
sly cooper (sly cooper)-sly (link)-
static (ac)-static (link)-
stitch + cousins (lilo and stitch)-cousins (link)-
sunset shimmer (mlp)-sunset (link)-
swoobat (pokemon)-swoobat (link)-
toothless (httyd)-snusk (link)-
zigzagoon (pokemon)-zigzagoon (link)-
zubat (pokemon)-zubat (link)-